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Asphalt Millings

Limestone is an extremely versatile aggregate with a variety of practical uses for residential and commercial applications. It is often used in residential applications due to its visual appeal, while in commercial applications it is preferred for its versatility and durability.

Here are a few functional purposes for limestone:

  • Making Concrete- Crushed limestone can be used as aggregate in making concrete. Combined with cement, water, and sand, it creates an attractive, durable concrete product.
  • Pipe Bedding- Often used for bedding underground pipes, limestone base course is able to insulate the pipe from any soil movement that can occur from moisture in the ground or traffic above.
  • Driveways- For homeowners who would prefer to add a little color to their gravel driveway, crushed limestone offers all the benefits of gravel while offering a natural tan coloration.
  • Rip Rap- Because it’s affordable, convenient, and reliable, limestone works well as rip rap stone and effectively prevents shore erosion.
  • Under Slab Fill- Limestone aggregate is commonly used as a base course to fill the area beneath the slab, keeping the concrete level, allowing for proper drainage, and preventing cracks.

Western Construction can deliver limestone base course directly to your next project site, or answer any questions you may have about this versatile material.