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Asphalt Millings

Rip Rap, also known as Shot Rock, Rubble, or Rip Rap Stone, is traditionally used to protect shorelines and shoreline structures, bridge abutments, streambeds and other areas, against erosion or damage caused by water, waves, or ice.

Water is one of the most powerful forces on Earth, and can wash out roadways, compromise the structural integrity of bridges, cause loss of property, and put the safety of the public in jeopardy. Rip Rap can help alleviate those concerns by mitigating the power of water.

The size of Rip Rap needed for any particular application can depend on the steepness of the slope its being used for, and how fast the water is moving. Contact Western Construction, we can help find the right fit for your needs and deliver any size load directly to your site, allowing you to focus on your project.